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Acupuncture During Pregnancy & Childbirth

TCM is very effective in treating a whole range of ailments and problems that present either in pregnancy, during labour or after the birth. Acupuncture is very popular during pregnancy and childbirth as it provides a safe, drug free intervention that can make a real difference to your experience of this time. In the period after giving birth herbal medicines and good dietary advice can speed recovery and give you the energy needed for adjusting to the new life style.

Acupuncture During Pregnancy - Antenatel Care

Acupuncture provides a safe drug-free treatment that can treat a large number of problems that arise during your nine months of pregnancy.

There is substantial research supporting the use of acupuncture in the treatment of nausea and vomiting experienced at any stage of the pregnancy. Acupuncture can also effectively treat the large number of muscular and joint related aches and pains that may appear. These include, back pain, sciatica, restless legs, rib pain, carpal tunnel, swollen ankles and many more. It can also provide a way to treat conditions such as depression, anxiety and worry that can often affect expectant mothers. Even mild problems such as hayfever and headaches can be effectively relieved.

There is a large body of knowledge now that supports the effectiveness of acupuncture and particularly moxibustion for use in the natural turning of breech babies. This treatment is most effective if carried out around week 34 but can be used successfully as late as week 37.

Acupuncture can help in several ways in the weeks leading up to your due date. Sessions can be received weekly to help the body prepare to enter labour naturally. By nourishing the tendons and muscles and helping the mind relax, expectant mothers are more likely to enter into labour naturally. This in turn increases the likelihood of a smooth labour with less need for interventions.

If you have gone overdue, acupuncture combined with electro-acupuncture again can provide a treatment to help you enter labour naturally and avoid an induction.

Acupuncture is not the only treatment that TCM offers for expectant mothers, herbal medicine, auricular (ear) acupuncture, tuina (Chinese massage) & Acupressure, herbal tea and diet can all help promote a smooth and enjoyable pregnancy.

The acupuncture points required to help with the conditions above are located either on the legs, arms and ears. Acupuncture is able to use channels of energy that through the uterus meaning there is never any need to place needles on the abdomen or anywhere near the baby.

To find out more about specific conditions please refer to our Conditions Treated section.

Acupuncture During Childbirth

Once you enter into labour acupuncture is really the treatment that offers the most help. Acupuncture is renowned for its ability to help ease pain and labour pains are no exception. When combined with electro-stimulation can help you cope with labour pains more easily. Acupuncture points are also used to help relax the mind and alleviate any anxiety and worry, this in its self will help you deal with pain more effectively and also expedite the labour. Other points can be used to increase contractions and help the cervix dilate, this will promote the progression through labour or help you if your labour is failing to progress sufficiently.

Acupuncture can help you in your progress through labour in a natural and un-intrusive way and has helped many mothers experience a greater sense of participation in the birth.

Acupuncture Post Childbirth

After the stress and drain of pregnancy and childbirth it is vitally important that you protect and nourish your bodies as well as looking after a new body. In terms of Chinese medicine the energy and blood of the body are severely depleted after childbirth and you will need adequate rest in order to ensure you can recover full health quickly.

A good diet and plenty of rest will go a long way to achieving this goal but sometimes symptoms can appear where TCM treatments can help. Acupuncture can very effectively help you deal with problems such as insomnia, headaches, depression and anxiety and even problems with lactation or mastitis. Herbal medicine can very quickly help the body replace the blood and energy lost and help to protect the appetite and efficiency of the digestive system. Chinese herbal teas can also be utilised in a large number of conditions that may arise.

If you are interested in seeing the successful implementation of these treatments on the labour ward in Whittington NHS Hospital click here.

For further help with conception, pregnancy and childbirth I have found that hypnotherapy can also be very benificial. I also stock a large range of hypnotherapy CD's for mothers to play at home or during treatments to help aid relaxation and promote the benefits of the treatments. To find out more click here.

If you have any specific questions about TCM and it use during the different stages of childbirth please contact me on info@kunlun.co.uk

Where can I receive acupuncture during pregnancy?

You can receive pregnancy acupuncture at our clinics in Hertfordshire, the Meeting Room in Kings Langley, the Changing Room in Bushey and The Verulam Clinic in St Albans. Pregnancy acupuncture treatments are now also available at Highgate Holistic Clinic in Highgate, North London.