Kun Lun TCM Practice

The Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine

atcm logoFounded in 1994, the Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine (UK) (ATCM) is a self regulated professional body. It was set up to regulate traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) practice in the UK mainly in the areas of Chinese herbal medicine, acupuncture and Chinese therapeutic massage.

Dedicated to excellence in the practice of TCM, it focuses on professional qualifications aiming to enlarge the sphere of influence of TCM in the UK. ATCM maintains high standards of education, ethics, discipline and practice to ensure the health and safety of the public at all times.

ATCM currently has over 700 members, all qualified Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners. 89% possess a medical degree of bachelors level or above, while 69.9% were senior consultants in hospitals, or lecturers in Chinese medicine universities/ colleges in China.

The ATCM has it's own Memorandum and Articles of Association and all members are bound by it's Code of Ethics and Code of Practice. All members must also have professional insurance to cover their practice.

If you would like to know more about the ATCM please visit their website.