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Natural Induction of Labour

There can be many factors that may prevent you from going into labour naturally around your due date. Your hospital or midwife team will normally suggest that you are medically induced around 10 – 14 days after your due date. It is normally involves the use of prostaglandins which will require you to stay in hospital after they are administered.

Acupuncture can provide you with a very effective treatment to help you go into labour and avoid being medically induced. Several treatments received over a few days, in my experience, and in clinical trials have proven to be the most effective way to encourage labour to start naturally.

Acupuncture is a very natural way of inducing labour and works by encouraging the body to release the appropriate hormones, naturally starting your labour. Other acupuncture points can be used to help you relax, take your mind of the situation and relieve anxiety and worry. Acupuncture points can also be employed to ripen the cervix and encourage the downward movement of your baby, further stimulating the release of oxytosin.

Acupressure points are also used to help support the treatments and can be utilised several times a day at home by you and your partner.

If you are looking for a drug-free labour this can be acupuncture and acupressure can be a great way to start it off.

What are the benefits of avoiding being medically induced?
Medical induction is recognised as being associated to an increased rate of intervention during labour. This can vary from increased use of pain relieving drugs due to the speed at which the labour tends to progress and the fact that you must stay in the labour ward and not in a more relaxing environment. An increased risk of aided delivery and caesarean delivery is also associated to medical inductions.

By avoiding a medical induction you are giving yourself the best and most natural start to your labour which is shown to lead to less medical intervention during the birth.

Who will perform the treatments?
Alex Owen, is very experienced in treating women at all stages of pregnancy and labour. He helped set up and run an acupuncture maternity service at Whittington Hospital in 2006. This experience means he treats hundreds of women each year with the main aim of making sure they go into labour naturally and as near as possible to their due dates.

Alex Owen also offers 'preparation for natural birth' treatments which he helped develop at Whittington NHS Hospital. These treatments not only help prepare your body to go into labour naturally near to your due date, they also help prepare your body for labour and have shown to help shorten all stages of labour and even help control pain. To find out more click here.

Where can I receive cosmetic acupuncture ?

You can receive natural induction treatments at our clinics in Hertfordshire, both the Meeting Room in Kings Langley and also Lavender & Stone Beauty Rooms in Harpenden. Treatments are also available at The Summit in Highgate, N London.