Kun Lun TCM Practice


Infertility is a growing problem in the UK and the demand for fertility treatments is increasing. Currently around 1 in 7 couples have trouble conceiving with as many as 30% having no identifiable medical cause.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and acupuncture have an exceptionally long history of treating both male and female fertility issues. In recent years techniques have been refined as a more developed understanding of the intricate interactions that must be in place for successful conception to occur have been integrated in to the TCM diagnostic and treatment protocols.

TCM is increasingly used by couples with fertility difficulties, as a treatment either sought prior to seeking medically aided fertility techniques or as a supportive treatment designed to increase the success of medical techniques such as IVF, IUI, GIFT etc.

Acupuncture works on several different levels simultaneously. Firstly it helps to regulate menstruation and balance the delicate hormonal balances. Secondly it calms the mind and release stresses that have a huge effect on the internal balance and health of the body.

Herbal medicine also plays a vital role in the regulation of the internal chemistry of the body. Different prescriptions tailored to each individual patient are prescribed at different stages of the woman’s cycle, nourishing the blood and hormones, clearing stagnancy and helping to build a thick and healthy uterine lining.

Where can I receive acupuncture for fertiliy issues?

You can receive fertility acupuncture at our clinics in Hertfordshire, the Meeting Room in Kings Langley, the Changing Room in Bushey and The Verulam Clinic in St Albans. Fertility acupuncture treatments are now also available at Highgate Holistic Clinic in Highgate, North London.