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Labour Pains Get the Needle!

In April 2006 the Asante Academy of Chinese Medicine started a collaboration with the Whittington NHS Hospital, London. A team of Asante’s Chinese medicine practitioners have been providing acupuncture to the women on the hospitals labour & anti-natal wards. This is the first scheme of its kind to be carried out on this scale in the UK.

Alex Owen is one of the main practitioners involved in the project, that will run for 3 months. Alex says “This is a fantastic opportunity for acupuncture & Chinese medicine to show that it has a role to play in the future of health care in this country.”

A wide variety of cases are being treated on the wards. During pregnancy acupuncture is providing help for women suffering with nausea, vomiting, pain & discomfort. On the labour ward, the practitioners assist by helping to expedite labour, improve contractions, relieve pain and help women remain relaxed throughout by alleviating anxiety.

The chance of having a treatment that does not involve drugs or strong side effects is greatly appreciated by the women and it is proving very popular and a real success.

“I just hope that this project paves the way for future collaborations of this kind, in hospitals across the country” concludes Alex.

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April 2006