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Acupuncture provision to continue at Whittington Hospital

On the 17th of July 2006 the provision of acupuncture for the women on the labour ward of Whittington Hospital was reintroduced. The initial project was so popular with patients and staff alike the Hospital decided that it was worth investing in.

Asante academy will again be providing their practitioners so that the women due to give birth at the hospital can take full advantage of their services. Dr Ke, the head of the Asante academy, is delighted that the service has been reintroduced.

The new project will offer women the chance to receive acupuncture once a week in the weeks running up to the birth. Alex says “We are hoping that this will dramatically improve their experience during labour and also prevent them from becoming overdue.”

The treatments will continue to be available for all the women during labour and pregnancy who would like it.

The previous three month trial showed exceptionally positive results. With over 80% of women suffering from nausea during pregnancy improving and the average length of labour reduced for women who received acupuncture during labour. The women too were very happy, all of their thoughts and opinions were collected and the average satisfaction score was over 4 on a scale of 1-5.

The staff and patients alike are hoping that the project will continue to produce more of the same.

July 2006