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Take Back Control of Your Life with Hypnopuncture!

Practitioners at the Asante Academy have been having amazing results with their new treatment – Hypnopuncture.

Hypnopuncture is a unique and ground-breaking technique which has been developed at Asante. As the name suggests, it is a therapy that combines acupuncture with hypnosis. The two therapies work together in a synergistic way that powerfully reinforces the therapeutic effects that acupuncture and hypnosis would normally have on their own.

This treatment has been particularly popular with people who are looking for help in giving up smoking. The hypnotist, Paul Haynes says “we were aware that the therapies could be used to help with stopping smoking but also knew that they had their limits as well.”

Alex Owen, the acupuncturist, continues “by combining the two therapies into one treatment not only do the therapies help to strengthen one another but also provide support in slightly different areas.”

Acupuncture helps to support the client with the physical aspects of withdrawal while also helping to calm the mind and reduce irritability. Hypnosis works on the mind & body’s subconscious habits, especially associated to social smoking or smoking which is linked particular activities.

Hypnopuncture is not only limited to smoking cessation but can be used to treat a whole range of problems from weight loss to anxiety and fears.

So if you want to make the best possible start to your new year and want some help sticking to your new resolutions or simply want to find out more about this popular new treatment, contact Hypnopuncture on 020 8446 9470 or visit their website or contact Alex directly.

December 2006