Kun Lun TCM Practice

Preparation for natural labour

Preparation involves a series of treatments in the final weeks of your pregnancy which will help you and your body prepare for labour. It is designed to help you go into labour naturally and on time while also allowing you to experience the most efficient and natural labour possible.

Research shows that if you enter labour naturally, the chances of needing medical interventions during labour are reduced considerably. This combined with the work done in the weeks leading up to the delivery have been shown to even reduce the time actually spent in labour.

The treatment will be tailored to also incorporate treatments of specific problems you maybe experiencing at the time, such as hypertension, insomnia, heartburn and posterior positioned babies.

The preparation for natural labour treatments aim to help you relax and help to alleviate any anxieties and worries you may have. They will help stabilise your emotions, calming frustration, anger and any fears, all of which can impede the start of labour. The treatments also focus on balancing your hormones and building up your supplies of energy that can be called upon during labour. This puts your mind and body in the optimal condition in which to enter labour.