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Smoking Cessation

How does acupuncture help me stop smoking?

The addiction to smoking can basically be broken down into two components. There is the physical and psychological dependency on the chemicals which nicotine triggers the release of, and there are the emotional and sub-conscious associations which form around the pseudo “feel good factor” which these chemicals induce. So what happens is you inhale on a cigarette, the nicotine triggers your brain to release endorphins, you experience pleasant feelings which your sub-conscious associates with whatever you are doing at the time. So to give up, you need a treatment which addresses both sides of the addiction – the physical and the emotional – and Hypnopuncture does just that.

Acupuncture points stimulated in the ears, (auricular acupuncture), are known to promote the release of chemicals such as beta-endorphins. These chemicals are the same ones that cause a smoker to experience a “high” when smoking and all smokers form a strong physical and psychological craving for them. During a hypnopuncture treatment these acupuncture points are stimulated with needles to allow the body to release such chemicals naturally without the need for nicotine. After the treatment, small acupressure seeds are placed on these points in your outer ear, enabling you to stimulate the release of these chemicals naturally, between treatments. This technique rapidly re-educates your brain to function effectively without nicotine.

What does the treatment involve?
The treatment is split into two parts. To begin with the practitioner places fine needles into the outer ear and arms. Points are selected to ease cravings and calm the emotions. These points are highly relaxing and the patient is left to rest for 30 minutes while the required effect is achieved.

After the needles are removed small seeds are placed onto specific points in the ear. These will stay in place for several days after the treatment, providing continual stimulation to the points. When the cravings appear the points can be pressed in turn until the cravings subside.

How many treatments are necessary?
For a smoking habit of around 20 cigarettes a day often 2-3 treatments is often enough to reduce the habit down to 2-4 cigarettes a day or stop completely.

How often do I need the treatment?
Once a week or once every two weeks is sufficient.

How much does treatment cost?
The standard rate of £50 per treatment applies.

Can acupuncture still help if I am using other methods to help me stop smoking?
Yes, acupuncture helps to regulate the emotions and ease cravings, it will not interact with other methods being used.

Hypnopuncture is a unique technique which has been developed Alex Owen and Paul Haynes. Hypnopuncture combines acupuncture with hypnosis, the two therapies work together synergistically powerfully reinforcing the therapeutic effects that acupuncture and hypnosis would normally have on their own. This technique is particularly effective for helping people give up smoking.

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Other Points

  • The patient must actually want to stop smoking. The treatment helps to build upon the patients resolve, strengthening their will power. It cannot work if the patient does not truly want to give up.