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Here are some testimonials left by patients who have received treatments from Alex Owen. We would like to thank all the patients who took time to put their thoughts and experiences here for you all to share.

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Acupuncture during Pregnancy

Warming & gentle sensations at first and as the treatment progressed the sensations became deeper & the baby responded positively.

Alex was calm and informative. A pleasure. I feel very relaxed and centred. He was also very helpful, explaining methods for pain relief and naturally inducing my baby.

Pregnant mother from Whittington

Alex made a believer of me

Sceptical about acupuncture? I was at first but I soon became a believer when my partner booked a session for me. I was having some challenges with an old squash injury and suffering from cramps in the lower leg.

At the first session Alex did a thorough evaluation and then went to work with his needles. To my disbelief I didn’t feel a thing as he inserted them. It did the trick as I was soon able to get back on the court.

I would thoroughly recommend a session with him if you are having ANY challenges in your life.

Mark, Uxbridge

Acupuncture and Kidney Pain

I had tried acupuncture before with not much effect at all but I was prepared to try it again. I am so glad that I found Alex as the acupuncture that he has given been has been hugely effective. He is not just good. He is gifted & intuitive.

I really like his gentle but confident manner & the way that he explains everything that he does. I like the way he explains how my symptoms match with what he feels with my pulses & sees on my tongue.

Alison, Hertfordshire

Smoking Cessation

"Psychologically Hypnopuncture helped me make a firm decision to quit. I believe it helped me subconsciously too."

Anonymous, London

"I had never had acupuncture previously and was very nervous about quitting. Both Paul & Alex put my mind at ease and the therapy has enabled me to not smoke since."

Anonymous, London

"I was a smoker for 18 years. I have tried to give up every year for the past 4 years and have always succumbed to smoking when drunk or occasionally when stressed. Using Hypnopuncture I have not felt the need to smoke under any circumstance and feel confident that I will never smoke again. Unlike any other time I have tried to give up smoking I have had a positive feeling and attitude about not only being a non-smoker but also giving up. The positive feeling was peaceful and accepting / embracing the “new me”."

Devorah Al-Irimi, Marketing Executive, London

Weight Loss

"I feel healthy, happier and fitter."

John Atkinson, Retired, Waltham Abbey

"A really effective way to change the eating habits that make losing weight so difficult."

"I felt it really helped my attitude toward snacking."

Kathryn Cambell, Admin Assistant, London


"Hypnopuncture has really enabled me to relax. The treatment has helped me immensely, I would be lost without it, for sure."

Chris Petrou, London