Kun Lun TCM Practice

Weight Loss Treatment

What does treatment involve?
The treatment is split into two parts. First the practitioner places needles into the abdomen and localised areas of the patient’s body. These points help to control the appetite, stimulate the local cells, regulate the digestive system, stimulate the metabolism and help to control cravings. These needles are normally retained for about 25 - 30 minutes.

For the second part of the treatment small seeds are place on points in the ear. These are retained for several days, continually stimulating the points helping to reduce appetite and balance the metabolism.

Other points

  • The treatment will work best if combined with a healthy diet and exercise.

For those looking for that extra something and you feel you have tried all that is out there, then there is still hope. Hypnopuncture is a new weight loss treatment that combines hypnotherapy with acupuncture. The two therapies work together in a synergistic way, powerfully reinforcing each other to create a completely integrated, natural and holistic solution for losing weight. This new weight loss treatment was developed at Middlesex University's research centre for Chinese Medicine and has already helped many patients consistently lose weight without the need for extreme dieting just by eating sensibly and exercising regularly.

To read some of the success stories of the patients who have found this new therapy a real benefit and who they felt it help them lose weight, click here to visit the Hypnopuncture website!